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Minnesota Swine Reproduction Center

........creating high-impact solutions for pork producers

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Minnesota Swine Reproduction Center is a swine-specific veterinary consulting firm based in Northfield, MN.  Our focus is to provide solutions for specific health, production and reproduction problems affecting farms which produce pork.
Dr. Neil DeBuse is the owner of Minnesota Swine Reproduction Center, and works closely with producers and with other veterinarians in a consultation manner to implement practical solutions for clients and associated production sites or locations.
One very specific areas of work are in the overall strategy for the control, treatment and prevention of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome, a problematic disease which has affected the US Pork Industry for more that 20 years, and which represents a growing economic drain on our industry.   MSRC and Dr. DeBuse support the industry objective for the long term elimination of PRRS virus from all US herds through collaborative efforts between producers, industry associations and veterinarians serving their pork producer clients.
Another area of work for MSRC is the development and implementation of new reproduction technology for commercial pork producers to utilize post-cervical artificial insemination.  MSRC is pleased to announce the addition of Gary Swanson to our team and we welcome his knowledge and experience with commercial applications of artificial insemination and the new technologies which are rapidly developing.   Gary provides a practical, production-based approach to the implementation of new techniques and works directly on-farm with producers and staff to correctly establish principles for PCAI.
As a specialized industry, pork production is one of the finest examples of American success in agriculture.  We are proud to work with the many excellent farm families who are examples of excellence in livestock care and well-being and are examples of leadership in their communities, churches and our industry.
New Product Update - DICOL, a "collection extender" from MAGAPOR, SL  

Minnesota Swine Reproduction Center, LLC

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